Users guide for the service of gThe GNSS-based control stations RINEX data(30")h

Renewal information (2021.4.1)

The providing service of gThe GNSS-based control stations RINEX datah by the Japan Association of Surveyors is implemented under the reproduction to CD-R,DVD-R,BD-R,HDD from following data by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) for the purpose of improvement and unification of the surveying results;

Code of The technical data

Period of RINEX data(30")

data Type



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only



GPS only
‚fE‚Q-No.17 2009.4.1@`@2010.3.31 GPS only
‚fE‚Q-No.18 2010.4.1@`@2011.3.31 GPS only
‚fE‚Q-No.19 2011.4.1@`@2012.3.31 GPS only
‚fE‚Q-No.20 2012.4.1@`@2013.3.31 GPS only
‚fE‚Q-No.21 2012.7.13@`@2013.3.31 GPS and GLONASS
‚fE‚Q-No.22 2012.7.13@`@2013.3.31 GPS and GLONASS and QZSS
‚fE‚Q-No.23 2013.4.1@`@2014.3.31 GPS only
‚fE‚Q-No.24 2013.4.1@`@2014.3.31 GPS and GLONASS
‚fE‚Q-No.25 2013.4.1@`@2014.3.31 GPS and GLONASS and QZSS

Please apply for the service with the application form gThe GNSS-based control stations RINEX data(30")h by E-mail or FAX

(Contact Us)
Japan Association of Surveyors, Surveying Technology Center
Geodetic Reference and Information Division
B45-1 Katoridai, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki
JAPAN Zip Code 300-2657
TEL (029)848-2003 FAX (029)848-2017

About the form of the distribution data

Data format
UNIX-Compress{ Compact RINEX (*.yyd.Z)
UNIX-Compress (gsim*.yyn.Z)
yy:Frightmost two digits of A ₯ D year
* F Total days
¦ When a base line analysis is done by commercial software, you may have to change the name of the navigation file to the same name of the data file.

Distribution price

@      E‚b‚c|‚qiOne layer of one side ‚V‚O‚O‚l‚ajF1,500 JPY per disk

@      E‚c‚u‚c|‚qiOne layer of one side ‚SD‚V‚f‚ajF6,000 JPY per disk

@      E‚a‚c|‚qiOne layer of one side ‚Q‚T‚f‚ajF29,700 JPY per disk

@      E‚g‚c‚c

DATA VOLUME ‚P‚f‚a ‚Q‚f‚a ‚R‚f‚a ‚S‚f‚a ‚T‚f‚a ‚P‚O‚f‚a ‚P‚T‚f‚a
PRICE   Please select CD-R, and so on. 5,100JPY 6,200JPY 12,000JPY 17,800JPY
DATA VOLUME ‚Q‚O‚f‚a ‚Q‚T‚f‚a ‚R‚O‚f‚a ‚S‚O‚f‚a ‚T‚O‚f‚a ‚P‚O‚O‚f‚a ‚Q‚O‚O‚f‚a
PRICE 23,700JPY 29,600JPY 35,400JPY 47,000JPY 58,600JPY 117,000JPY 233,600JPY

¦Payment can only be made through bank transfer. All bank charges must be paid by the customer.

¦The case an applicent selects HDD,please send a HDD to JAS at applicent's cost.

¦Data amount of one day on one station become about 200KB`400KBiGPS onlyjor 500KB`700KBiGPS and GLONASSjor 800KB`1,200KBiGPS and GLONASS and QZSSjby the compression due to the compact RINEX form.

¦The postage is due to pay by EMS charge table